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Jennifer Carmody
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Jennifer Carmody
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Jennifer Carmody co-owns Post Shields and is the author of the new novel, The New Days. She has spent the last six years building a business with her brother and creating the world of her newest novel. When she's not in the office or writing her current novel, she can be found in her reading room with a hot coffee, a book and her dog, Wendy. Jennifer enjoys baking and having dance parties with her nieces and walking through sunflower fields and Christmas tree tours with her friends. She lives in South Central Wisconsin but can also be found on Florida's east coast visiting her parents.
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Annabelle, Cole, Zoey, and Austin are now in their thirties and still inseparable. Annabelle owns a bookstore. Cole and Zoey are happily married. Austin owns and lives in the bar across the street from Annabelle's bookstore. Willow, the manager of the coffee shop around the corner joins the group adding her unique eclectic flair. Just as the group gets used to their new dynamic, a new guy comes to town. Liam, a handsome import from England, unknowingly becomes a wedge in this tight knit group.